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A small but beautiful wedding

These photographs are from a quick Sunday wedding at the Trois Estate. It seems like more and more couples are having small, but beautiful weddings on Sunday afternoons. The Trois Estate features a small underground chapel that’s perfect for these types of weddings!

The bride and groom were such a great couple and the love and passion these two shared really shined through in all of their photos. Here are just a few of my favorites.. Enjoy!

steve + melissa {WEDDING}

Heres some favorites of mine from a recent wedding at Trois. Comments please!!!!

little COLE {newborn}

So here was another fun shoot. Had a blast posing the little guy and trying to keep him from waking up!!! Thanks to the parents for being so cool and calm the entire time. Any comments?…AWWWW! (i know)

Alli + Zach [Same Day Edit]

I shot this small wedding yesterday and edited every image the same day.We had alot of fun on this shoot, here are a couple of my favorites.  Tell me what you think!

Uncle Mike and his Wolf.

Heres some cool photos I took of Uncle Mike (not really my uncle but thats everybody calls him) and his wolf. Just thought these both made for interesting subjects so, I whipped out the old Nikon for a few shots. If you got a second leave me comments so I know what you think.

Tom + Lisa

Eric + Jen

My Thai

Photography by GreenRootMedia.com

Shot with-Nikon D300 * 50mm 1.8

Lighting- Two pairs of Florescent lights

Post- LightRoom * Photoshop * Denoise * Detail

Leslie + Katherine

Sorry about the lack in constant updates but things have been crazy! Heres one of my favorite shots from a recent wedding. Enjoy!


Alex + Norma Engagement shoot

Here is another couple in love that are getting married at The wonderful Trois Estate. The BIG day is Sept. 26th and I cant wait to shoot this one. Its going to be a courtyard wedding which is always fun to shoot because of the ability to move around and get a variety of different angles. I will post an image from the bridal shoot as soon as Im done editing it. Also look for a post about Trois Estates upcoming Fashion show and Auction.
alex + norma

Amazing NEW virtual tour of The Trois Estate

Here is a link to our new virtual tour


JEFF + LISA = another beautiful wedding at The Trois Estate

So I got the call from Rebecca to come and shoot another beautiful wedding at The Trois Estate. This was a short but sweet wedding that was full of personality. Jeff and lisa together share 6 very smart and energetic kids that looked great in all the photos. It was easy to see that this family really loves one another and will make it through thick and thin. I am going to keep my blog short and sweet just like this wedding. Thanks enjoy – Julio C.

Ferrari Red

Its  a joy working at The Trois Esate because I always see the most random things. Being a guy, its only natural that I love cars and when I drove up to work this day I knew I would breaking out my camera to shoot some photos of this amazing car. Hope you enjoy.

Congrats to Kristin and Tanner!!!

I have been wanting to post this blog for a few weeks now. We had a great time with this shoot because the bride and groom were so laid back and willing to put up with a 5-6 hour bridal/couple shoot. I shot this image at a place where Ryder (Rebecca’s son) calls his secret spot. It has there two giant pieces of granite which was perfect for this shot I had been planning for days. Please feel free to leave comments and enjoy!  couple-shot

Marriage Island!

I recently helped shoot a wedding at Marriage Island in San Antonio. This was a fun one! The bride and groom were so emotional and it really reflected on all the images. Here is one of my favorite shots. Congratulations to Heather and Doug! Enjoy-J.Costilla  
Marriage Island!


  Congratulations to the newest bride Emily, who got married Feb. 21st at Trois Estate. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. This is one of the photos from the wedding, which was taken by West Vita of Trois Estate Productions. Hope everyone enjoys.


Charles Trois favorite photo

I promised Charles to put this photo I shot recently up on the website, so here it is. Everything looked right that day so I spent about 30 min shooting the cow and here is one of the shots. Hope everyone enjoys.-J.Costilla   http://www.TroisEstateProductions.netHEADING EAST

Almost ready for Launch!

  Here at The Trois Estate we are constantly working on new ideas and projects. Our next venture has been in the works for over a year now, from idea to reality we have put hundreds of hours into organizing our first magazine. Please give a warm welcome to Trois Estates nozze di amente meaning “diamond wedding.” We are wrapping it up right now, so brides look out for our new magazine.



Valentines Day at The Trois Estate

                       Get ready for our romantic Valentines Day Dinner at The Trois Estate .

Heart Shaped Cactus

Heart Shaped Cactus

 Including an amazing 5 course meal, wine, and rose petals. Watch out for another update with more info on this romantic event at The Trois Estate

Cool Photography at The Trois Estate

I recently shot a really cool photo of a Old Chevy Truck that is located at the entrance of The Trois Estate. I always wanted to try the whole HDR look on a car and this is what I got. Hope you enjoy.

HDR look without using photomatix

HDR look without using photomatix

Hello world!

First blog ever. I hope everyone enjoys this newest edition to The Trois Estate. Have a great day.