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photograph a wedding in Hawaii…CHECK

Ok, so I had the wonderful privilege to photograph a very small but amazing wedding in Hawaii. (Honolulu to be exact) This was my first time traveling to and shooting a Hawaii wedding, so of course I had nightmares of my camera gear getting ruined and destroyed due to salt and sand. Luckily for me, my nightmares never came true. As for Hawaii itself, all I can say is “wow!’ The beaches were nice, the water was clear, the weather was perfect, and the food was good. Even though I had work to do, it felt like a vacation the whole time there. My girlfriend and I stopped at the Dole plantation, jumped off a huge rock straight into the ocean, went to a Luau and drank fresh coconut milk right out of the shell. What can I say, we were there for 5 days! So, I have known Jennifer for sometime now (since she is my girlfriend’s sister) and its nice to know she is happy with her new family. They both love each other so much and it shows in all the photos!!! This set of pictures begins with their engagement session in Bandera tx, and ends with the wedding in Hawaii. ENJOY!

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